Blog Entries - Sep. 2021

Two children hug a young woman. Above the image is text that reads "Finding a safe nanny."

How to Safely find a Nanny

September 27, 2021  |  date night, family fun, husband, mom tips, moms, postpartum, siblings

Your Guide for Safely Finding a Nanny    Every parent wants to have it all. A flourishing work life, a safe and happy family, and personal hobbies and fulfillment. But how do you work for nine hours a day,

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The image contains a graphic of a pregnant woman serenely touching her abdomen. The background is a white to blue gradient. Text reads "Maternity Leave: What to Expect"

Your Guide to Maternity Leave

September 14, 2021

An Expecting Mother’s Guide to Maternity Leave    Things are Changing    Congratulations! You’re pregnant!    Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and turbulent times in a woman’s life.

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Gestational Diabetes

September 7, 2021  |  gestational diabetes

As a doula, I have supported many as they go through gestational diabetes.   Gestational diabetes is a complicated topic as it can affect those who have diabetes in the past and those who have never had diabetes previously.


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