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Cincinnati & Dayton Doula Availability

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Birth Doula Availability

Our availability can change rapidly based on when other families are making decisions for their births across Cincinnati and Dayton. Birth Doula Services typically book up quickly as we limit ourselves with how many families we take per month to ensure we can commit to the level of care that we want to provide each family.

While it is true that many families reach out to us after they pee on a stick, we have just as many that wait until they get closer to the second trimester - and a few who reach out prior to conception or as late as 38 weeks into pregnancy. 

When you choose to talk to doulas and determine who is on your birth team is completely up to you and we will not pressure you into the decision.  We recommend waiting until you feel comfortable - it's your moment, reach out to us when YOU are ready and we will be here ready to grab a cup of coffee of Starbucks and talk about all things birth!

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2024 Availability:

May 2024: 2
June 2024: 0
July 2024: 2*
August 2024: 1*
September 2024: 1
October 2024: 1
November 2024: 2
Decemember 2024: 2

2025 Availability:

January 2024: 3
February 2024:
March 2024: 3
April 2024: 3
May 2024: 3
June 2024: 3
July 2024: 3
August 2024: 3
September 2024: 3
October 2024: 3
November 2024: 3
Decemember 2024: 3

*Vacation Notice

If you have a July/August 2024 birth, please feel to reach out and we can have a conversation about whether my vacation dates would cause any conflict or anxiety for you.  As a reminder, due dates are just an estimated date and many factors come into play as to when baby will arrive, so I would love to have the opportunity to have a conversation about it.  Even while I am away, I also have back up doula's ready to go in case the need should arise.

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