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Items You Need for When Your Baby Arrives

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Items You Need for When Your Baby Arrives

Nov 8, 2021
Baby socks and shoes sit on a table. Text reads "what you need for baby's arrival."

Your life is about to change.  

Whether you’re a single mama or you have a co-parent, when your baby finally comes, you will need a lot of stuff to keep them happy and healthy.  

You can use this post as a checklist for all the things you’ll need before your precious bundle of joy arrives. We will break each category down into essentials and luxuries so you know what to prioritize.  

Safety Gear 

You will want to make sure your baby is safe and protected when they start moving around on their own.  


  • Gates for all stairs 

  • Cabinet latches 

  • Drawer Latches 

  • Outlet covers 

  • Fireplace bumper 

  • Table corner covers

  • Furniture anchors 


  • Toilet guard 


Your baby will need several pieces of furniture for daily life. Adult furniture can be dangerous for babies, so you will need to get furniture specially made for your child. 


  • Crib 

  • Crib mattress 


  • Changing table 

  • Rocking chair 

  • Baby monitor 

  • Bassinet  

  • Dresser  

  • Clothes hamper 


You will need smaller linens than what you are used to. Babies’ bodies are small and they will need special linens for their beds and daily use.  


  • Fitted crib sheet 

  • Cotton receiving blankets 

  • Waterproof mattress protectors 


  • Crib skirt and quilt 

Feeding Gear

Feeding is one of the most important parts of raising a baby. Babies rely on their mama entirely for eating and drinking.  


  • Eight bottles with nipples 

  • Bottle cleaning brush 

  • Several weeks of formula (if you are choosing to use formula)

  • Cotton bibs 

  • Burb clothes 

  • Insulated cooler 

  • Nursing pillow 

  • Nursing bras 

  • Box of nursing pads 


  • Dry formula dispenser  

  • Bottle sterilizer 

  • Breast pump 

  • Milk storage bags 

  • Nipple cream 

Solid Food Gear 

After some time, your baby will start eating solid food. There are a few things you will need when they start eating. 

  • Essentials: 
    High chair 
  • Infant feeding spoon 

  • Infant bowl 


  • Mess mat for under the high chair 

  • Baby food processor 


Trust me, a good diaper is worth its weight in gold (not that diapers weigh much). Your baby will go often, and the easier you can make clean up, the better your life will be.  


  • Newborn diapers 

  • Wipes 

  • Rash ointment 

  • Diaper bail with lid 


  • Waterproof pads  

  • Non-talcum powder 

  • Baby cream 

Bathing and Grooming 

Keeping your baby clean and tidy is one of the most essential parts of raising your kid right.  


  • Hooded towels 

  • Washcloths 

  • Infant tub 

  • Baby shampoo and body wash 

  • Baby brush and comb 


  • Bath toys 

  • Bath thermometer 

  • Faucet guard 


Your baby will grow and grow quickly. You need to keep the baby in clean and well-fitting clothes.  


  • Onesies (at least six) 

  • T-shirts 

  • Rompers 

  • Shirts and pants 

  • Pajamas and gowns 

  • Hats 

  • Coat and snowsuits (if your baby is born in the fall or winter) 

  • Booties and socks

  • Baby hangers 


  • Fancy outfit (for showing your baby off and special occasions) 

  • Diaper covers 

  • Wearable sleeping sack 

Travel Gear 

You aren’t just going to stay home forever after you have your baby. You’ll want to get out and about eventually and baby will come with you. Here’s what you’ll need when you take the baby out. 


  • Car seat 

  • Stroller 

  • Diaper bag 

  • Papoose 

  • Baby sling 

  • Baby backpack 

  • Stroller rain cover 

  • Infant headrest 


  • Heated blanket 

  • Sunshades for car window 

Baby Seats 

You don’t want to carry your baby around forever, right? You will need some seats made just for the baby.  


  • Bouncer seat 

  • Activity center 

  • Heavy blankets 


  • Baby swing 

  • Moses blanket 

  • Portable play yard 

The Basics 

There are some additional things you will need for your baby.  


  • Pacifiers (at least 8) 

  • Thermometers 

  • Petroleum jelly 

  • Infant Tylenol 

  • Nasal aspirator 


  • Teething ointment 

  • Vapor cream

  • Saline nose drops 

  • Anti-gas medicine 

A Healthy Baby is a Happy Baby 

Your baby’s health and safety are first and foremost. Determine what you need to keep your baby safe first, then determine what will make your life easier.  

You will need to get new clothes often as your baby grows. In addition, you will need to decide if breastfeeding or bottle feeding is best for you.  

A baby shower is a great way to help you stock up on much-needed supplies as well as celebrate the new life growing within you.  

If you are feeling lost during your pregnancy or you don’t know what to do next, reach out to Tamara at Stork Helpers. Tamara knows what mama needs to bring her baby into this world as happy and healthy as can be.  

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