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Labor Comfort Class

Our Labor Comfort Class designed to be a refresher class for those who have already had a baby and yet also perfect for first time parents. This two hour class is scheduled once to twice per month and taught in Mason, Ohio.   

The focus of this class is about different techniques to make you comfortable throughout the labor and birth process. You will learn ways to help manage labor pain naturally as well as various labor and birth positions that will help you labor and deliver in a way that is more comfortable for you and baby. 

Comfort techniques include:

  • Using the peanut ball
  • Using a birth ball
  • Different labor positions
  • Massage
  • Creating a relaxing environment  

At the end of the class, will be a question and answer session with Tamara to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.

All Mama’s will receive a packet that includes information on labor and birth positions.


What to bring:

  • Two pillows and blanket: this is for your comfort as we will spend times on the floor as we practice various labor and birth positions.
  • A birth partner: some positions require you to have a spotter for safety purposes, so bring someone with if you can.  If you can’t – don’t worry, Tamara will spot you.
  • Snacks: just in case you get hungry.  

As a doula, sometimes Tamara has a birth.  If that’s the case, the series will extend into a fourth week, so be prepared for that.  Should Tamara have to cancel due to a birth, she will let you know as soon as possible.

Classes are conveniently held in northern Cincinnati about one mile south of Kings Island at:

Legend Web Works
3484 Irwin Simpson Road
Mason, OH  45040

Questions about the class?  Contact Tamara today for more information.

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