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Babies and Bagels Mom's Group

Babies & Bagels Mom's Group

Pregnant?  Already a mom?  Thinking about getting pregnant?  Want to talk to other women who have been there?  Join us at Babies and Bagels Mom's Group!


Babies and Bagels Mom's Group was started by Tamara Kankowski and Kristin Zumberger.  It provides opportunities for mom's and soon to be mom's to get together occassionally and just talk.  Everyone has a different story about what pregnancy or birth was like for them - whether its a relative who gave birth 20 years ago, your doctor, your friend who had the longest birth in history - and sometimes those are not really helpful.


Babies and Bagels was started so that moms could lock arms and talk about what their experiences really are - the good, the bad, the ugly.  The conversation is led by mom's, for mom's and nothing is off the table for discussion.


If you want to meet some local mom's who have been there, done that, join us for our next Babies and Bagels Mom's Group.   We would love to have you.   Our next one is:


November 2, 2019
10:00am - 12:00pm
Peak Performance Chiropractic


You can sign up for all the fun here!

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