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Cincinnati & Dayton Lactation Consultant

“It takes a village” to raise a child they say, but your pregnancy is no different.  Consider your pregnancy to be your training for the big game - the birth!  In order to properly train you need a team.  Below are our recommendations of those to add to your team - midwives, chiropractors and pelvic floor therapy.  We have met and worked with everyone on this so we know that you will be taken care of when you add these professionals to your team. 

Lactation Consultants

Lactation Connsultants are a great way to expand your birth team during your postpartum period.  While many families choose to breast feed, it can be an incredibly exhausting decision and a lot of work.  Lactation consultants can provide tips and resources as well as help make sure baby can feed properly and helping with tongue ties to make your time breastfeeding as gentle as possible for you and baby!

vitalia albertson

Vitalia Albertson

Vitalia is a mom of two in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Vitalia has a wealth of breastfeeding knowledge and has experience working with clients in private practice, the hospital setting and personal experience nursing her two young children. She is a strong believer that supporting the mother is most important, no matter your feeding goals, and works closely with you to come up with a plan that works for you! Vitalia is an IBCLC candidate and will be sitting for the IBCLC exam in September 2022. 

You can't go wrong with adding Vitalia to your birth team, and we are not just saying that as her families doulas.  

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kacey widmeyer

Kacey Widmeyer

Kacey is a "local lactation consultant who has worked in the field for over four years. I'm committed to helping families no matter what their feeding goals are."  She has a masters degree in Health and Wellness and is currently a board Certified Lactation consultant who has experience with multiples, latch difficulties, supplementation, and helping reach your pumping goals. 

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