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Cincinnati & Dayton Homebirth Midwives

“It takes a village” to raise a child they say, but your pregnancy is no different.  Consider your pregnancy to be your training for the big game - the birth!  In order to properly train you need a team.  Below are my recommendations of those to add to your team - midwives, chiropractors and pelvic floor therapy.  I have meet and worked with everyone on this so I know that you will be take care of when you add these professionals to your team. 

Home Birth Midwives

Home is a beautiful place to give birth. At home, you are relaxed and in control of your environment, including not only how many people but who are with you. You have your bed, the temperature of the room is where you want it, your kids and dogs or extended family you want to be with you. You have access to your kitchen and your food (or Door Dash). Homebirths are safe and relaxed nad many mama's have an easier recovery when birthing at home.  If this is something you are remotely interested in, talk to these women below and see if a homebirth is where your story begins.

Emily Schultz, homebirth midwife

Emily Schultz

Emily is a holistic home birth midwife based out of Yellow Springs, OH and has over 20 years experience. Emily and her team serve families across the Dayton area. Emily has become my go-to recommendation for families in around Dayton to assist with their birth story.

If you are in the Dayton area and looking to have a home birth, Emily is the best! Do not delay in snagging her for your birth as she is in great demand and her calendar fills fast.

I currently offer a $100 discount on my services if you combine my doula services with Emily’s home birth midwifery services.

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Wantina Brooks-Roach, homebirth midwife

Wantina Brooks-Roach

Wantina Brooks-Roach operates Mama’s Midwife Home Birth Services located in Florence, Kentucky. She has offered midwifery services since 2003. When looking for a midwife across Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati, you can not go wrong with Wantina. We have worked many home births together over the years including a twin home birth!

Wantina and her team also book very fast and I highly recommend if you are even considering a home birth in Cincinnati and think Wantina could be the midwife for you, contact her as soon as possible for a conversation.

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meghan nowland

Meghan Nowland

Meghan is a local midwife who I have had the opportunity to work with many times over the past few years.  Meghan runs the Cincinnati Birth Center which allow her clients the option to choose home births or birthing at the center for those who don't want to be at home or in the hospital.   Meghan assists families across Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Like many midwives, Meghan and her team book up quickly, so be sure to reach out to her and see if you she may be a good fit.   You can always meet her at Hyde Perk Coffee as well, where I have been known to run into her more often then not even when we are not scheduled to meet. 

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