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Testimonial: Jacky's Birth

Tamara was a wonderful doula! We had the pleasure of having her support us throughout the pregnancy, labor & delivery, and postpartum. During the pregnancy, she helped us build our birthing plan, research treatments for my diagnosis of gestational diabetes, and prepare and transition into a family of 5. During labor and delivery, Tamara was hands-on working with my husband as well as the midwife and the nurses to make sure that I felt supported for more than 12 hours. She even stayed with us until we were transferred to our postpartum room to make sure that if we needed any additional support, she would be there to lend a hand. I was so impressed by her professionalism, support, and her ability to bring comfort in the midst of all the chaos. 

In addition to the pregnancy and labor & delivery support, Tamara was absolutely incredible in providing her services to our family as a postpartum doula for a few weeks. She supported us by bringing us food, running errands with me, taking care of my kids while I bathed/nursed/etc., and cleaning up after the kids after playtime. She was amazing with my daughters and my daughters absolutely loved her.

Tamara is an amazing doula! Her guidance throughout my pregnancy, her support throughout my labor & delivery, and her selfless service during my postpartum process was outstanding. Her ability to connect with my family so quickly made the entire transition process to a family of 5 smoother and easier for us. She has truly become a part of our family.

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