Home Birth Clients

Currently, all local hospitals are allowing doulas.  However, many hospitals still have a limit (typically 2) on the number of people that may be in the delivery room   Contact your hospital for the most current information.

newborn baby

COVID-19 is changing the world around us very rapidly; from school and restaurant closures to social distancing and people advised to stay home.  One thing that is not changing is that I am still here for you.

I am working dilligently every day to stay up to date on the newest recommendations and the ever changing hospital policies.   


What does this mean for you?   

It means that I will continue to support you, but that support may look different that what we initially thought:

  • I have started to decrease my contact outside the home in several ways - consults have been over the phone, childbirth classes are now online through Zoom, my kids are home and not visiting with friends, my husband is working remotely as well.   We are trying to make sure contact is as limited as possible so that I can remain healthy for you. 
  • Your prenatal appointments may be done virtually, or still done in person as one of those visits typically includes a home visit with you and your midwife to discuss the plan for making your home function properly based on your birth plan.  
  • Postpartum support visits will be handled however you feel more comfortable.  We can move to an online meeting and meals/care packages will be dropped off on your porch instead of me visiting with you and baby or we can do a home visit and I will wear a mask and use social distancing; this is to help you and baby stay healthy during this time. 


Looking for a Doula?

Read more about how I have adjusted Stork Helpers support around COVId-19 and how I can still support you through my Virtual Doula Package or my standard Birth Doula Package or Home Birth Doula Package for births later this year.