Should I Have a Waterbirth?

Should I Have A Waterbirth?

June 28, 2021  |  birth positions, homebirth, water birth

Should I have a waterbirth?  Can I have a waterbirth?  These are questions I get from many as they prepare for birth.


Personally, I love a waterbirth!  I wish that not only I had researched and known more about when I delivered my babies, but that my hospital had it.  Thats right, not all hospitals have tubs for you to have a waterbirth and some will only allow you to labor in water, but not birth. If you are looking for a homebirth, this is always an option with the proper equipment, so be sure to discuss it with your midwife.


Before you jump to whether you can have it at your birth location, determine if it is right for you.   I am always happy to to discuss if you think it would be right for you. Evidenced Based Birth wrote an amazing article all about waterbirths.  In the article they cover the evidence on waterbirths, the pro’s and con’s of a waterbirth for not only the mother but also the baby. The article is great starting point to do your research.

After your done reading, lets talk about your birth plan and how I can help support you.


Looking for a doula?


doula commonly makes up a part of your birth team and works together with you to give you the birth experience that you want. Doula can be great about answering questions in regards to inductions, due dates and so much more.  Tamara Kankowski is a certified birth doula serving families across Cincinnati and Dayton area as well as Northern Kentucky and would be happy to talk with you at that same time.