Using Pitocin For Delivering Placenta

Placental Pitocin


Did you know that pitocin is often given during the third stage of labor?  Are you familiar with the third stage of labor?

The third stage of labor is know as the afterbirth or when the placenta is delivered vaginally.   Often times during this phase pitocin is given to help the process of delivering the placenta.  This may even occur if you were wanting a natural childbirth.  Often times, the birthing person doesn’t even know this may be happening or that they have options.  

It is important to learn about the processes of birth and discuss with your care provider not only what they generally plan to do in a birth as well as what may be the standard practices of the hospital or birth center you are delivering at.  

Asking these important questions will allow you to not only know what to expect but help determine what you do or do not want out of a birth.  

Evidenced Based Birth has written an amazing article that discussed the third stage of labor, and the benefits and risks of both Piticon and Oxytocin during placental delivery.

If you read the article and want to have a conversation about what you read or even how I can help as a doula with helping to keep your birth plan in place, lets talk!