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What is Placenta Encapsulation?


Placenta Encapsulation

You may have heard people refer to eating their placenta. However that’s not the only way we can get all the benefits from the placenta. Having your placenta encapsulated is a perfect way to ingest the placenta instead of doing it raw. 

There’s two ways to have your placenta encapsulated. If you want to experience the raw consumption, but don’t think you can handle the texture, you can have them put in capsules. The other way is to have the placenta steamed before being encapsulated.

What is raw encapsulation?

Raw encapsulation is how it sounds; the placenta is rinsed and you can also have it soaked into apple cider vinegar. Next, the placenta is sliced into thin pieces which makes it easier to dehydrate. Once it is finished dehydrating the placenta is grinded into a fine powder. Then the placenta power is put into capsules.

What is steamed encapsulation?

Having your placenta steamed is based on the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM). The placenta is rinsed off. Once rinsed off the placenta is placed in a strainer. Off to the side there is a pot with some water. Now sometimes you can herbs and or oils in the pot. The strainer is in the pot for the placenta to steam. After about 20 minutes of the placenta being steamed. It is taken out and sliced into thin pieces. Those thin stripes are put in the dehydrator. When the placenta is finished dehydrating it is grinned into Then the placenta powder is put into capsules.

While each process is different, they are also the same. No matter which way you choose it will be what is best for you.

Interested in placenta encapsulation?

Tamara Kankowski is certified in placenta encapsulation.  Tamara makes the process as easy as possible offering convenient pick up from any hospital across the Cincinnati or Dayton Ohio area and will offer porch drop off as well.

If you are interested in talking to Tamara about placenta encapsulation, contact her today!

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