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How to Support Your Pregnant Friend

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How to Support Your Pregnant Friend

Feb 19, 2024
A friend posing with her pregnant friend. The text reads, "How to Support Your Pregnant Friend"

Have you ever felt like you didn’t know exactly how to help a friend who was pregnant? Especially if you’ve never been pregnant before, there are likely lots of things you haven’t thought of, and that’s totally okay!   

In this blog post, we will explain the significance of being a support to your friend as she begins the journey of becoming a new mama, how you can help her prepare, and ways to spend quality time together during this period of her life.  

At Stork Helpers, we believe that life is better when we rally behind each other.  

If you want to learn more about why a support system is so important during pregnancy, click here!  

Why is it Important to Support Your Pregnant Friend? 

It is incredibly important to support your pregnant friend during this significant time in her life. Providing emotional support is essential as she navigates the physical and emotional changes that come with this beautiful journey known as pregnancy.

Acknowledging her emotions and being attentive to her needs can make a world of difference in helping her feel understood and cared for.

Offering practical help is equally important. Whether it's helping with household chores, running errands, or providing a meal, your assistance can alleviate some of the stress and fatigue that often accompany pregnancy.

Additionally, providing information about pregnancy resources, such as prenatal classes, healthcare providers, and support groups, can empower her to make informed decisions and access the support she needs.

Listening to her without judgment and being a source of comfort can have a lasting impact on her well-being. By offering referrals for pregnancy services, you can help her navigate the complexities of pregnancy and ensure she has access to the best possible care. 

Supporting your pregnant friend by acknowledging her emotions, offering practical help, and providing information about pregnancy resources can greatly enhance her experience during this special time in her life.  

Your support can make a significant difference to her well-being and the health of her pregnancy.  

Practical Support Ideas for Your Pregnant Friend 

By offering practical help, emotional support, and being there for your friend during this journey, you can make this exciting time in her life even more enjoyable and memorable. 
Below, we have listed five unique ways you can stand by your friend's side and be the support she needs! 

1. Offer to help with tasks:  

You can offer to help with household chores, running errands, or preparing meals. Pregnancy can be exhausting, and your friend will appreciate the extra help. 

2. Attend doctor's appointments:  

If your friend doesn’t have someone to attend appointments with, you could offer to accompany her to prenatal appointments. Having a supportive friend by her side can help ease any anxiety she may be feeling and provide emotional support. 

3. Listen to her concerns:  

Pregnancy can bring about a lot of emotions. Be a good listener and offer a compassionate ear when your friend needs to talk about her concerns or worries. 

4. Help with baby preparations:  

You can ask her to help with setting up the nursery, assembling furniture, or organizing baby clothes. Your friend will appreciate the extra hands and support as she prepares for the arrival of the baby. 

5. Organize a baby shower.  

Plan and host a baby shower to celebrate the mama to be! This can be a fun and exciting way to show your support and help her prepare for the arrival of her baby.  

A party can also be a chance for her other friends and family to share their wisdom and be a part of the journey with her.  

Ways to Spend Special Time Together 

As your friend is experiencing several changes to her body, her energy levels will likely be different than before. At one time, a night out on the town may have been an ideal option, but now that may not be the case!  

There are still so many fun things to do that will bring joy to you and your friend!  

Here are some simple ideas:  

1. Plan a relaxing spa day. 

Treat your pregnant friend to a day of pampering at a spa. Many spas offer special prenatal massages and treatments designed for pregnant women. 

2. Attend childbirth classes together. 

You can offer to accompany your friend to prenatal classes or childbirth education classes. Not only will this provide valuable information for her, but it also gives you both an opportunity to bond and share the experience. 

3. Take a prenatal yoga class.  

Joining a prenatal yoga class with your friend is a great way to stay active and bond over a shared activity. It's also a wonderful way for her to stay healthy and relaxed during this journey. 

4. Have a movie night in: 

Plan a cozy night in with your friend by watching her favorite movies or TV shows. This is a simple and comfortable way to spend quality time together while she's pregnant. 

5. Cook a meal together. 

Spend an afternoon or evening cooking a delicious and nutritious meal together. Not only is this a fun and productive activity, but it can also be a great opportunity to share experiences and discuss any concerns or joys your friend may have during her pregnancy. 

How Stork Helpers Can Support Your Pregnant Friend 

Your pregnant friend may already have a support network of people, such as a partner, a parent, a sibling, a relative, other friends, a neighbor, etc. However, the ability to have extra support during this emotional journey can be life changing.  

If your friend is interested in extra support during her pregnancy, we recommend you encourage her to contact Stork Helpers for it!

As a doula business, we help mamas navigate their pregnancy step-by-step. 

We know that every pregnancy is special and unique, and we treat it as such by providing wisdom during Mama’s pregnancy journey.  

If you are looking for a doula in the Cincinnati or Dayton area, then Stork Helpers is here for you. Tamara and Skylar have helped dozens of mamas navigate their pregnancy journey, and we are here for you too! Click here to start a conversation with the Stork Helpers doulas now!  

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