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Elizabeth Ernest Birth Story Pt. 2

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Elizabeth Ernest Birth Story Pt. 2

Apr 26, 2022
Elizabeth Ernest and her second addition to her family

For my second pregnancy, I was determined to have a vaginal birth after my c-section (VBAC).   

I had spent the past 3 years researching VBAC and attending International Cesarian Awareness Network (ICAN) meetings.  Unfortunately, my insurance only covered one practice in Cincinnati.  They had 5 doctors and only one supported VBACs in general.   

After signing 4 AMAs (against medical advice), the last doctor was my primary.  We had agreed to go to 41 weeks, after which I would have a c-section. According to data provided by my doctor, the risk of uterine rupture increases greatly after 41 weeks.   

Unfortunately, their insurance did not allow for any type of induction methods for VBACs (foley bulb, etc.).  Despite weeks of dates, red raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, ball bouncing, and LOTS of walking, my stubborn daughter would not come out.  

The day after hiking 8 miles, I had another gentle c-section.  Recovery was faster this time, but it was my first time having my feet swell due to the IV.  Nevertheless, by 10 days postpartum, I was taking the newborn and my 3 year old son to the zoo and museum.  The incisions lined up perfectly and healed wonderfully. 

Later, I began to notice after my second c-section that my incision would hurt every time I got my period.  This has never gone away and sometimes will also have bruising accompanying the pain.  My gynecologist tells me this is common in women with multiple c-sections, but after researching I really wish I would have done scar massaging and learned more about abdominal PT.  I still have very weak abs. 

My second pregnancy was less stressful than my first, but it still didn’t go the way I wanted. I was disappointed that I had to experience another c-section, but my baby girl arrived in good health, and I was back to my normal lifestyle in a short period of time.  

Although I was disappointed that I could not deliver my baby girl through VBAC, I learned a lot. I am glad I did my research and pursued the pregnancy that I wanted, even if it turned out differently than I had hoped. Tomorrow, I will tell you of my third and final pregnancy and the life-threatening experience that changed my outlook forever. Click here to follow the next stage in my pregnancy journey.  

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