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Elizabeth Ernest Birth Story Pt. 3

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Elizabeth Ernest Birth Story Pt. 3

Apr 27, 2022
Elizabeth Ernest and her third addition to her family

My final c-section was an emergency one, and completely different than my previous c-sections.   

The procedure itself was much more intense due to the seriousness of the situation.  Due to a complication from my pregnancy, the operation had to be rougher, and the anesthesiologist upped my medications as a result.   

However, I had a bad reaction to anesthesia, sending my pulse to 31 bpm and blood pressure to 81/50.  What this meant is I had to spend over 2 hours in recovery alone.   

Since the machines were monitoring me, I only had a nurse check on me twice.  At the time I felt very lonely and afraid. 

My husband was with our son in the NICU.  I had foolishly told my doula that I didn't want to have her present if I had a c-section because I felt like it would remind me of my failure to VBAC.   

I greatly regret this and highly encourage anyone with a doula to have them present even if it's an emergency c-section.  You never know what complications might arise and, in those moments, I would have given anything to have a hand to hold or someone to let me know my son was alive. 

My recovery was very quick, largely pushed by my OB team.  I was expected to be off all pain medicine by 3 days postpartum and given driving permissions as soon as my feet are swelling went down to where I could move my ankle.  I was back to normal activity by 6 days postpartum and the incision healed very well. 

My experience with pregnancy and giving birth may not have been typical, and it certainly didn’t match my expectations, but it taught me a few valuable lessons and made me a stronger mother. I am glad I chose to use a doula as I needed all the support I could get. If you are thinking of using a doula during your pregnancy, I cannot recommend it enough.  

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