What Is A Doula?

what is a doula

How can a doula help me?

A doula empowers you to confidently make the choices you need to throughout your pregnancy and birth. A doula acts as a "birth coach" - an unbiased friend and supporter, who does not judge your choices, but simply helps you to be aware of your options.

Tamara packages her support and education around your preferences; she is not selling or promoting a specific pattern or method of success. Every mom, every baby, and every birth is different!


How a doula is different than an OB/GYN and a midwife?

A doula helps take the medical and technical aspects out of the equation to focus more on being the emotional and mental support you need. As your questions, excitement and even anxieties arise before and after your doctor's visits or other medical milestones, your doula can be another resource for you to educate, talk through and work out your options.

A doula can share many different avenues with you -- options that your physician medical provider may not always mention or may not promote. These pregnancy, birth and post-partum options can include everything from cord clamping to breastfeeding. 


Why do you need a doula?

A doula helps you to learn to become in tune with your body and your baby so that YOU can be confident in the decisions you make regarding your child's birth. A doula also helps your partner better help you by offering encouragement, education and support.

How I’m different: I package my support and education around your preferences, I’m not selling or promoting a specific pattern or method of success – there’s not one right way to do this.