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Cincinnati & Dayton Childbirth Education FAQ

Do you offer virutal childbirth classes?

Yes, we do offer childbirth classes for those who live outside the Cincinnati or Dayton area or for those who just prefer a virtual setting.

Virtual childbirth classes are held through Zoom and review the same topics that an in person childbirth class would teach.

What should I have for childbirth class?

  • Two pillows and blanket: this is for your comfort as we will spend times on the floor as we practice various labor and birth positions.
  • A birth partner: some positions require you to have a spotter for safety purposes, so bring someone with if you can.  If you can’t – don’t worry, Tamara will spot you.
  • Snacks: just in case you get hungry.

Why should I take a childbirth class?

Childbirth classes have been shown to increase confidence for the soon to be parents.   There are many options that birthing couples have whether you are having a home birth or a hospital birth.   

Childbirth classes can help provide detailed information on options you have including where you give birth, positions for labor, information about pain medication and much more.  

Since all our classes are private classes, you will be able to cater the topics of the class specific to what concerns you the most.  

What topics are covered in a childbirth class?

The great thing about offering private childbirth classes, is that the topics are up to you.

We will coordinate with you to see if you have anything you would like to cover specifically, but some of the most common topics include:

  • how your body prepares for labor
  • the four stages of labor
  • how to create your birth preferences
  • relaxation techniques during childbirth
  • pain management
  • optimal positions for labor
  • delivery methods
  • newborn hospital care
  • feeding your newborn
  • baby and information about postpartum life.  

I am not sure where I am birthing yet. Should I still take a class?

Absolutely!  Whether you are going to change hospitals or birth at home, many aspects of the class remain the same as the goal is to educate you how to have the best and safest birth possible.

During class as we explore topics about birth, often time parents ask questions that open conversations about where to give birth.  For example, parents that want to have a waterbirth should know that while many hospitals across Cincinnati and Dayton will allow you to labor in water (should a tub be available), many will not let you have a waterbirth.

These types of conversations that come from the class are often very beneficial in helping you decide if you have made the right choices for your birth story or if you want to make some changes to your birth plan.  

I am considering an epidural - will you go over that in class?

Of course!  We want you to be as prepared as possible for birth, whether you plan to go natural or have a medicated birth.

We will spend time talking about the risks and benefits about epidurals, along with other interventions that are available.  

I am planning to have pain medication; should I still take a class?

Yes, whether you are having an epidural or any other pain medication during childbirth, we support your decisions.

We spend time during all our classes to discuss pain management options as well as the beneifits and risks of interventions, including epidurals.  

With having a private class, we can discuss this more in depth if you like.  

I am not local to Cincinnati, can I take a virtual class?

Absolutely, while we are based in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas, we are happy to work with you on a virtual childbirth class.

We can schedule a class to take place trhough Zoom or Microsoft Teams.   Through the benefits of technology, much of the class remains the same as an in-person class. 

If you are interested in a virtual childbirth class, reach out today.

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