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What Does a Fertility Coach Do?

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What Does a Fertility Coach Do?

Sep 18, 2023
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The path to a healthy pregnancy is not always a straight line. The opposite is often true. Many mamas find that the fertility journey is twisting and turning, filled with highs and lows, and anything but easy.  

Those who are struggling to get pregnant may experience an intense mixture of emotions. Women can feel anything from grief to jealousy to anger if they find pregnancy is a struggle. These are all perfectly natural emotions to feel! This is especially true if other women around you have become pregnant easily or previously got pregnant without much trouble.  

Women who are struggling with infertility may be exploring options such as fertility drugs, IUI, IFV, donors, or surrogacy. These options can often be pricey and mentally taxing, and they may leave women or their partners feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. But you are not alone! 

A fertility coach may be the solution for women struggling to get pregnant. Fertility coaches help people who have found the path to pregnancy to be a difficult one. They can help you discover routes to pregnancy and family planning that are healthy and lead to long-term happiness.  

This post will talk more about what a fertility coach can offer you when trying to become pregnant. Keep reading to learn more! 


Why Have a Fertility Coach? 


Your journey to fertility may be a tough one. And one of the main things a fertility coach can offer you is a unique understanding of your individual fertility journey.  

Fertility coaches are trained with the knowledge of both a medical professional and a mental health practitioner. They understand the implications of infertility and can offer guidance not only from the medical perspective but also to help you cope emotionally with your fertility journey. Your coach will likely encourage you to take a holistic approach (meaning they will consider all aspects of your journey), for a better chance of success.  

Empathetic listening and open communication with your fertility coach will help them gain insight into your experiences, emotions, and aspirations. After that, they will develop a custom plan to help walk you through your fertility journey.  

Fertility coaching can help you navigate the medical and mental aspects of infertility. Your coach can guide you in areas such as fertility treatments, lifestyle changes, body awareness, stress management, relationship issues, and more.  


6 Ways a Fertility Coach Can Support You 


Your fertility journey is not like anyone else’s. A fertility coach can help guide you along the way and help you overcome the emotional and physical roadblocks you might face. Let’s take a deeper dive into the benefits a fertility coach brings.  

Emotional Support 

In addition to giving guidance, your fertility coach will provide emotional support and coping strategies for addressing your struggles with getting pregnant. Fertility issues may be temporary, or they may mean that you will need to pursue alternative paths to parenthood. Regardless of your path, maintaining your mental health is of the utmost importance.  

When you work with a fertility coach, they will offer you a safe space where you can vent your emotions and speak honestly without fear of judgment. And they can also offer you strategies for coping, and mindfulness techniques, so you can better manage your stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. It’s all about keeping you in the right headspace and taking the pressure off! 

They will also provide you with resources that can help you make decisions about your fertility journey, including questions to ask fertility doctors or fertility clinics to help you get the information you need to help you on your journey.  

Navigating Medical Terminology and Procedures 

When trying to get pregnant, you may be inclined to seek out medical advice or fertility specialists. A fertility coach can help you navigate the medical terminology and procedures associated with trying to get pregnant. 

The fertility coach can guide you in understanding the medical outcomes of any treatments you may be considering. They can also help you determine whether it is appropriate to pursue a certain treatment or if there are other options available. 

You can think of them as your personal guide through what can often be an intimidating journey. Your fertility coach will translate treatment details, tests, and options clearly and understandably to help you feel more at ease.  


During your fertility journey, you may be asked to make many difficult decisions. This may be especially true if you are experiencing unexplained infertility or have had a difficult personal experience with pregnancy. 

A fertility coach can help you make those decisions with more confidence. They will provide you with unbiased information, so you can weigh the pros and cons of different options. Your coach can also offer personalized support on how to manage any potential side effects or risks associated with certain treatments. 

We all need a dependable confidant during times of turmoil and a fertility coach can be just that, someone who knows the facts and is there for you when the going gets tough.  

Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice 

On your fertility journey, you will discover that different sources attribute infertility to different factors (including genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, and life stage). It can be hard to know which factors are playing a part in your journey, but focusing on your nutrition and lifestyle are two main factors you can control.  

Your fertility coach can help you evaluate your lifestyle and nutrition, giving you a better idea of some factors that may be contributing to your infertility. They will guide you through how you can make simple changes that could have a positive impact on your body and hormones. This includes advice on incorporating stress-relieving activities, vitamin-rich food, and mindful meditation into your daily routine.  

Remember, your lifestyle and nutrition may not be contributing to infertility at all, but improving these two aspects of your life can go a long way toward decreasing stress and boosting resilience.  

Supporting Your Partners and Guiding Communication 

When struggling with infertility, partners often find themselves feeling anger or resentment towards their partner. These feelings are completely natural as the frustration from trying to conceive can be misdirected unintentionally.  

A fertility coach can help you and your partner communicate more effectively by providing a safe space to talk openly and honestly. They can also offer you strategies for communicating in a healthy way that helps to build your relationship instead of driving it apart. Your coach will also guide you on how to best support each other during this challenging time.  

These tools will help you and your partner identify areas where you need to improve communication and provide you with some coping mechanisms to help you and your partner relate to one another and manage your emotions. Your fertility coach can help you and your partner confront difficult or frightening emotions rather than butting heads with one another.  

Addressing the Emotional Impact of Infertility 

Infertility is often more emotionally exhausting than anything else. The complex mix of feelings you might experience when struggling to get pregnant might be hard to work through. 

A fertility coach can offer you a sounding board and help you work through the emotional impacts of infertility. They understand that it’s normal to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or even angry at times. Your coach can provide encouragement and validation to help you cope with these feelings in a healthy way. 

Additionally, they will work with you to identify any potential triggers for your emotions and how you can cope with grief, loss, or frustration without becoming overwhelmed or emotionally incapacitated. 

Discover Your Personal Fertility Journey 

Few fertility journeys are a straight path. And there are no easy fertility journeys. Fertility coaches are there when your path to pregnancy is filled with ups and downs, and you need someone to rely on. 

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