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How Your Doula Can Be a Support Person During a Homebirth

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How Your Doula Can Be a Support Person During a Homebirth

Feb 6, 2023
A father holding his newborn baby after a homebirth

If you have decided on a home birth, then a qualified and experienced support team is a must.  

In the United States, homebirths are becoming increasingly common, and they are now accepted by many as a safe and common alternative to hospital birth.  

Still, many Americans are anxious about homebirths without cause. There is a persistent myth that women need a team of doctors around while they give birth, but the truth is that women have given birth in their homes for thousands of years.  

Many mamas want a natural birth in the comfort of their homes, and they want to be close to their babies immediately after they are born. Oftentimes, the chaotic environment of the hospital only overwhelms new mothers, and they find themselves wishing they had chosen a home birth. 

A midwife is a necessity for a home birth, but many mamas feel a lack of support (whether they are giving birth at home, in the hospital, or elsewhere), and they need a doula there to guide them through the birth.  

If you have considered a doula for your home birth, you may be wondering how a doula can be a support person during a home birth.  

In this post, we will give you five ways a doula can help make your homebirth the most it can be. 

Five Ways Your Doula is Your Support Person During Your Homebirth 

If you are having a home birth, you may be wondering how a doula can support you. Here are Stork Helper's top five ways a doula can be a support person during a home birth.  

Your Doula’s Main Job is to Make You Comfortable and Heard

Your doula is your advocate. She can slow the whole process of birth down and make sure you are comfortable, your needs are met, and you feel safe.  

Your midwife is focused on guiding your baby from your womb into the world. A doula is there to ensure your voice is heard and you have control.  

A Doula has Been There and Done That 

Many mamas plan to use their partners, family members, or treasured friends as their support people. However, the excitement of birth can often leave these people feeling overwhelmed. 

A doula is an experienced third party who has already assisted in the pregnancies of other mamas. Your doula has seen it all and she can keep the calm when things get intense.  

Your Cultural Needs Will Be Met 

Many mamas have specific cultural needs during birth. Midwives might not be experienced or familiar with your specific needs.

A doula will know your needs in advance and will ensure that your baby is brought into the world in line with your religious, cultural, or familial needs.  

More Postpartum Support 

After your baby is born, you will need support. The postpartum period can be hectic and there are many adjustments that the parents must make.  

Your doula will take time to make sure mama is cared for, her needs are heard, and she has enough information to care for her baby immediately. 

The Support Doesn’t Stop 

Without a doula, you might find that your support person is occupied by kids, pets, phones, photos, food, or other distractions around the home. A doula is a person who is there to do nothing but support mama.  

Your partner or family members and your doula will work together to make sure additional tasks are completed and that mama is never without support.  

Stork Helpers: Here for Your Homebirth 

Homebirths are rising in popularity and for good reason.  

Mamas want to take control of their pregnancies and births, and a big part of that is deciding where they give birth.  

If you are considering a home birth, you will want a doula to listen to your needs and support you.  

That’s where Stork Helpers comes in. Tamara and Skylar have helped dozens of women just like you have the birth they needed. 

Always listening, never judging, reach out to Stork Helpers for your homebirth now! 

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