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Carly Green Birth Story

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Carly Green Birth Story

Apr 29, 2022
Carly Green's Baby

A c-section? Me? No way! In my mind, there was no way I’d need a c-section ever! Honestly, the thought terrified me so I just pushed it away.


When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter my husband and I were over the moon! I knew from the moment we even started trying to conceive that I wanted to do everything as naturally as possible. No induction, no epidural, and definitely not a c-section.


39 weeks came around and the baby was measuring pretty big so my doctor encouraged induction, I agreed and the next day headed to the hospital to meet my baby girl! At 6 cm my cervix was at a standstill and I was in PAIN begging for the epidural. Once the epidural was in my doctor came in to check me.


During the exam, I saw fear come over my doctor's face as she looked at me and said “I don’t feel her head anymore” nurses entered the room to move me into different positions to try and get her back where she needed to be. My doctor warned that if my water broke I needed to call for help immediately. 


The next time my doctor checked me she still didn’t feel her head and right then my water broke. Thank God my doctor was right there to catch the umbilical cord, she jumped on the bed with me and we rushed to the OR. The room quickly filled with hospital staff urgently trying to get the baby out without her losing any oxygen or blood flow. In 5 minutes she was out and crying, healthy as can be!! 


Cord Prolapse is rare but extremely scary and I am so thankful to the entire hospital staff for working so hard and quickly to make sure I and my daughter were safe. I’ve very glad I chose to have Tamara as my doula because she was able to be there to support not only me but my husband in such a scary time.


Although a c-section was not in my plan, I am lucky it saved my daughter's life 

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