St. Elizabeth Hospital COVID Visitor Restrictions

Currently, all local hospitals are allowing doulas.  However, many hospitals still have a limit (typically 2) on the number of people that may be in the delivery room   Contact your hospital for the most current information.

St Elizabeth - Edgewood:


  • Upon hospital entry visitors are screened if they are showing any symptoms.
  • One visitor/support person (hospital policy is that this person is the second parent, or "person who will wear the second bracelet")
  • No interchanging of visitors. No children / siblings on L&D unit.
  • Doulas are NOT exempt¬†from this policy, and are welcome at the bedside of their clients only if they are the one support person.
    (Proof of certification or training, if pre-certified, required upon entry to the hospital).
  • Many hospitals are now reserving the right, based on PPE (personal protective equipment) supplies on a daily basis, that the birth partner may not be allowed in the operating room in case of a cesarean.