Virtual Childbirth Classes

Currently, all local hospitals are allowing doulas.  However, many hospitals still have a limit (typically 2) on the number of people that may be in the delivery room   Contact your hospital for the most current information.

childbirth class

COVID-19 is changing the world around us very rapidly; from school and restaurant closures to social distancing and people advised to stay home.  One thing that is not changing is that I am still here for you.

I have been working on making my chldbirth classes friendly to online learning. 


What does this mean for you?   

It means that I will continue to teach childbirth classes online while many hospitals have cancelled classes due to social distancing guidelines and they shift towards taking care of their increased patient load.

  • Childbirth Classes will continue as scheduled, but will be taught online via the Zoom app.  You will need to download the app onto our device prior to the scheduled class.
  • Private Childbirth Classes will continue to be available either online or in home and will be decided on a case by case basis with the family.
  • The childbirth manual has been completely re-done and is now online so you will have it wherever you go, right on your phone. 


Looking for a Childbirth Class?

Check out the Childbirth Class Schedule.