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Tooth Fairy Excuses

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Tooth Fairy Excuses

Feb 20, 2019
a boy missing his front teeth

Tooth Fairy Excuses

The elusive fairy always returns when you least expect it and you never seem to have any cash in the house when she is due to make her return.   Some days, I wondered why we even started this in our house, but then you see those toothless little smiles and you remember too well why you started.


For us, the tooth fairy started showing up in 2005 when we only had a $5 bill in the house, and thus began a tradition that the tooth fairy brings $5 (seven kids later and I’m pretty sure we could have gone to Disney World on tooth fairy money).


As our wonderful children go to bed at night with envisions of waking up to $5, our nights mostly end up in one of two ways - either we don’t have any cash in the house OR we wake up to a kid around 6:30 am throwing our door wide open, with every bright light in the house blinding us, acting hysterical as if we are being robbed because they tooth fairy didn't show.  


After being caught off guard the first couple times, something had to change.  Over the years, we have used many of these explanations to our kids and thought we would share them with you know that our tooth fairy days are over.   


I present to you - the Tooth Fairy Excuse List:

  1. The weather was really bad last night (snow/rain) and unfortunately it was not safe for her to make the journey.    
  2. Your room was such a mess she couldn't get to you.   She said when you get your room cleaned up, she will come back and try again.
  3. She was really busy last night and ran out of time before sunrise.  
  4. So many kids lost teeth yesterday that she ran out of money.
  5. Didnt you hear all that wind last night?  It was really rough and her fairy wings couldn't take it.  She will try again tonight.
  6. Are you sure she wasn't here, I bet you dropped the money or it fell behind your bed.   I’ll help you (with money in hand that gets dropped in random place in room).
  7. The tooth was lodged really tight under your pillow last night and she couldn't get it.  She asked us to tell you just to put it on the dresser tonight.
  8. Even tooth fairies get sick, she will be back once she feels better.
  9. It was too cold to travel last night, her wings would have froze.   
  10. Her wand was in the shop and she had to wait for it to be repaired.
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