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Kelly H Birth Story

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Testimonial: Kelly H's Story

Sep 13, 2020

Having Tamara be part of our birth experience was the best decision we could have made.

I didn't personally even decide I wanted a doula until well into the third trimester. I reached out to several different people, and set up a time to meet with Tamara. From the get-go, she was very responsive and flexible. We met at a Starbucks by my home and just chatted. I was immediately drawn to her warm and easygoing spirit.

As I didn't meet her until a few weeks before giving birth, my husband and I didn't end up needing to take her birth class (as we'd already taken one at the hospital) -- but she made sure we could meet again before the big day and carefully helped us create our birth plan.

The day of our birth, she was with us from the early hours in the morning until at least two hours after our baby girl was born. I'm talking a long time. And was SO helpful in comforting me during my contractions. She would bring wet wash cloths, rub my back and also supported my husband through it all. I initially didn't plan on getting anesthesia, but after several hours of back labor -- I quickly changed my tune. She was a soldier and really made us feel supported in every way, including during some of those decisions with the epidural, conversations with the doctor about not progressing as well as they'd like, etc. As a first time mom, having her there with a plethora of knowledge about birth made me feel so much better during the fact.

When our baby was born, she took SO MANY PICTURES. Like, I'm talking at least 75. I obviously couldn't take any, and my husband was definitely too in the moment to even think about grabbing his phone, so this ended up being an amazing plus that I really didn't even think about. She got pictures of everything. Now that our baby is almost three months, it's so sweet and special to have those and something I will treasure forever.

Once our baby was finally here, Tamara was checking up on us and even fed me snacks (as having a baby makes you STARVING). Even after we came home from the hospital, she came over and brought an adorable onesie for our baby, a delicious baked ziti dish and just to check in and make sure everything was going okay.

As mentioned, it's been almost three months since the birth of my daughter and she still checks in with me during different age milestones.

Being a doula is certainly her true calling, and we were very lucky to have found her. My husband and I both would hands down recommend her to anyone in need of some love and support during child birth.

Thank you so much, Tamara, for being there for us during such a transformative time our lives. 

— Kelly - West Chester, Ohio

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