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Natural Relaxation Techniques to Help Labor Contractions

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Natural Relaxation Techniques to Help Labor Contractions

Nov 21, 2022
natural relaxation techniques

Most mamas agree labor is the hardest part of pregnancy. 


It is physically intense, not to mention stressful. However, as difficult as labor may be, you have the strength to face the challenge of birth and come out the other side a full-fledged mama.  

As labor approaches, it is natural to feel fear, anxiety, or even dread. Not every woman handles physical intensity and uncomfortableness the same way. Take some time to think about how you might handle labor and evaluate what you need to get through it.  

While labor will always be physically uncomfortable, there are several natural relaxation techniques to help you overcome the intensity and reduce your fear and anxiety (which only makes the intensity worse). 

It is important to note that there are many ways to achieve comfort with hospital births, but with home births, it is easier to manipulate the environment to be more comfortable for you. 

Keep reading for the best natural relaxation techniques to help labor contractions assembled by Stork Helpers, your Cincinnati and Dayton birth doulas. 

These Natural Relaxation Techniques Help Reduce Labor Pains 

How do you handle anxiety and uncomfortableness? Do you cry? Scream? Get angry? Sleep? Do you need comfort? Or would you rather be alone? 

The first step of managing intensity of waves is reflecting on how you handle the uncomfortableness and talking with your doula and support team about what you will need during your labor.  

Once you know what you will need during labor (and have communicated your needs with your loved ones), you can choose which of the following natural relaxation techniques will help you.  

Consider the list below of the best techniques to help you maintain your uncomfortableness during delivery.

Sight Relaxation 

What we see deeply impacts what we feel.  

Soft lighting, lamps, or even candles can help you feel safe, warm, and tranquil while you are giving birth.  

Bring pictures of loved ones, favorite vacation destinations, cherished pets, or other relaxing images.  

Sound Relaxation 

Music and ambient noises are one of the best ways to relax naturally. Many people use sound to help lull them to sleep at night or push them through a difficult bout of exercise.  

Crashing ocean waves, chirping birds, or a playlist of your favorite tunes can all help you relax during labor.  

Smell Relaxation 

Certain smells have a powerful relaxing effect, and it has been proven that our sense of smell is deeply linked to our memories.  

Bring things with scents that remind you of homes, such as your favorite blanket or a loved one’s T-shirt.  

You can also ask about aromatherapy. Electric diffusers, incense, and essential oils can all emit pleasing odors to help you relax and make labor easier.  

Taste Relaxation 

Many healthcare professionals agree that eating foods rich in complex carbohydrates and Vitamin B is beneficial during the first stage of labor.  

However, professionals disagree about eating during active labor. Many women find that they have no interest in food during this time. Others may be hungry for a nutritious snack to help give them energy and reduce fatigue and anxiety.  

Touch Relaxation 

The experience of touch during labor can be enjoyable for some women, but unpleasant for others.   

Light massage may help you during labor and can relax many of the muscles that cause uncomfortableness. Some types of massage to consider include: 

  • Gentle pressure 

  • Kneading 

  • Gentle stroking 

  • Counter pressure 

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Reflexology 

Stork Helpers Gives You the Pregnancy and Labor You Deserve 

No one ever said labor would be fun, but with the right techniques your body can relax and you can significantly reduce the amount of uncomfortableness you experience.  

Stork Helpers knows the techniques to make you comfortable. They have supported over 150 families and counting, listening to them and guiding them to ensure they have a smooth labor. They will be there for you too! 

Tamara and Skylar are your Cincinnati and Dayton birth doula experts. 

If you are looking for the best doula in Cincinnati or Dayton, reach out to Stork Helpers today! 

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