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Myths About Motherhood

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Myths About Motherhood

Mar 7, 2022
A mom holding her baby

For first-time mothers, the first six weeks after delivery are a joyous and stressful time.  

Myths and falsehoods about motherhood and how your baby will (or should) act only further complicate this chaotic time.  

There are so many myths about the first few weeks of motherhood that it can be hard to differentiate between truth and fiction. 

Some myths sound like they came straight from the pages of a Brothers Grimm story, while others sound so real that they could almost be true.  

In this post, we will break down six common myths about motherhood and explain why they are not true.  

Delivering the Truth 

After you give birth, advice is plentiful.  

Some of the tips and tricks your family and friends bestow upon you are helpful. But the rest of it? Not so much.

Below are some common myths you will hear.  

A healthy baby will sleep through the night. 

Nope, not even remotely true.

Expect your baby to wake up two or three times each night for the first several months of its life.  

The main reason your baby has to rise in the wee hours. Babies have teeny, tiny stomachs that empty quickly.  

Every few hours your baby’s stomach will empty, and it will need to be fed.  

It might be annoying, but your baby waking up for a midnight snack is a clear sign of its health.  

Although it does come at the expense of your own sleep schedule. 

Mama will lose weight quickly.  

Give me a break! 

This isn’t the movie. Your body needs time to heal after the trauma of childbirth.  

It takes at least six weeks for you to see the first signs of your body returning to its normal state.  

But even then, your body will retain extra fat to help with breastfeeding. 

The average mama burns 1500 calories per day from breastfeeding. You need all the energy you can get! 

The first six weeks of motherhood are the hardest.  

Being a mama isn’t easy, so we can understand why this myth has prevailed.  

The truth is the first six weeks are a time of transition. You are adjusting to your new life as a parent and a new sleep schedule.

But the first six weeks are no more difficult than any other time before or after.  

If you find yourself struggling in the first few weeks after giving birth, don’t hesitate to reach out to friends and family (or your doula) for help.  

Parenthood can be a struggle, but it’s not one you have to face alone. 

You will feel like yourself again in just a few days.  


Motherhood is a transition. You will leave behind the old version of yourself and transform into someone completely new.  

Not only that but it will take your body at least six weeks to heal after giving birth.  

Don’t focus on bringing back the person you were, focus on the beautiful mama you are becoming.  

It will be love at first sight! 

Not every mama will feel an instant connection to their baby.  

This isn’t a Disney movie (no matter how much we wish it was). After giving birth you will be tired, and your head will be swirling with hormones and emotions.  

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get stars in your eyes at the first sight of your baby.  

Remember that your baby is a person, and just like any other person, it takes time to form a bond with them  

You will be trapped in your house.  

Okay, this one might have a hint of truth to it. It will be a struggle to leave your house the first few weeks after bringing your baby home.  

However, just like anything else, it takes some practice to get right.  

Over time you will develop a routine for preparing your baby to leave the house.  

Practice makes perfect. Soon you will see the content of your diaper bag on the inside of your eyelids.  

There’s a whole world for your baby to explore! But just like any great adventure, it takes time to prepare.  

Being the Best Mama You Can Be! 

Motherhood is hard enough. Tack on myths and misconceptions and it’s no wonder you’re not getting any sleep! 

Don’t let the tall tales fool you, every mama and baby are different. Take your time and find out what works for you.  

If you need a helping hand (we all do from time to time) don’t hesitate to reach out to Tamara at Stork Helpers. Call or text Tamara at 513-254-2470 

Tamara knows what it takes to raise a baby the right way and will help you cut through fiction.  

She has cared for more than 80 different babies in her career and has raised seven of her own. When you have Tamara as your doula, you can trust you are in good hands.  

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