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Healthy Self

Mar 1, 2019
jennifer keiser

Hello! My name is Jennifer Keiser, and I am a Certified Health Coach. What does that mean? It means I get to help change lives by offering freedom for a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy finances! Here is a little about me and my journey to my healthy self.

Seeing those double pink lines on that stick was one of the most joyous moments in my life.  This was something I prayed about for over 3 years and it was finally happening. Before seeing those pink lines appear I made a promise to my spouse and myself, and that I was going to lose 40 lbs. before even talking about growing our family by another little one. The reason being, I wanted to go into my pregnancy much healthier than I was! I didn’t want any complications (that were extra) because of my weight and lifestyle. I was able to lose 40 lbs. in a few shorts months and create healthy habits that I carried with me during my pregnancy and continuously!

Seeing those lines brought joy but very quickly that joy was taken away from FEAR! Fear of gaining all that weight I just lost back. Fear of the postpartum weight and how long it would take to get off. With my first child it took me over a year to get the weight off and I wasn’t even able to breastfeed her. During my pregnancy, I had this tool in my back pocket. I utilized our program during my pregnancy and I was able to be in control of the weight I was gaining. Not only was it safe for me but also (most importantly) it was safe for my baby too.

Fast forward to the day our baby was born, 8.8 oz. was all he was of that 56 lbs. I had gained. (Yes some of that was actual pregnancy weight... but not all of that). One week after being home and in a routine I started back on my journey with our program! We have an amazing nursing mothers program that many nursing mothers utilize! I was able to use our optimal weight plan and EXCLUSIVELY breastfeed!!! I hit my pre-pregnancy weight 3 days before our little boy turned 4 months! 4 months!!!! And best thing… I am still exclusively BF and he is not missing any mile stones (especially in the weight department) 15.2 lbs.!! Our program is safe and effective for both mom and baby.

There are 4 components that make up the foundation for you success:

-          Personal Health coach- I’m here to celebrate you and hold you accountable!

-          Habits of Health- creating  a healthier lifestyle for you and your family and finding what works best

-          Community- I cannot rave about how important community it! Likeminded people all focused on creating better health…YES PLEASE!

-          And lastly… because we all LOVE food, I promote our program with eating 6 small meals a day, 5 if those are some amazing fuelings that have 100% of your daily 24 vitamins and minerals along with probiotics that support digestive health! Along with that you eat one lean and green meal and drink the recommended 64 oz (plus) of water daily.

I would love to set up a time and talk about how I can help you and which program would help you reach your optimal weight and lifestyle.

Whether you want to:

-          lose some weight before becoming pregnant

-          maintain a healthy pregnancy

-          lose that postpartum weight

-          lose that baby weight from your now 5 year old

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