Overnight Doula

overnight doula

**Due to COVID-19, these services are currently suspended**

The nights after you bring home your new bundle are rough - juggling everything you were already doing with a new baby and a fraction of sleep is exhausting.  Night Doulas (or night nannies) are here to help - whether you are looking for just one night of good sleep or something more constant.   Night Doulas help with sleepless nights, diaper changes and feedings so you can rest! 

Tamara is here to help make the transition easier.  After six pregnancies and seven babies, Tamara knows what families really need and aims to provide postpartum support to families for help with life after baby comes home.  

doula holding newborn baby
  • Emotional support after birth - Tamara has been where you are and understands the importance of support after baby.  Whether you need to vent and need someone listen or just need some company because you are in the house while it feels like all the other adults in the world are doing fun things, Tamara is there for what you need.  
  • Feedings - whether it's one shift or three, Tamara will take care of the baby during evening so you can get some rest.  While the demands of a new baby are plentiful, your body also demands that you need to rest so you can be present for your baby too.  Tamara is happy to help take some of the load off at night so you can wake up feeling refreshed to chase your kids when the sun comes up.
  • Diapers - Wet, stinky, smelly or all the way up the back - Tamara will take care of any diaper changes (and required bathing) that come up during the night.  
  • Baby soothing techniques - sometimes baby just doesn't want to sleep at night.   Tamara comes with over 20 years or parenting experience to her own 7 children.   While you rest, Tamara will spend the night with your baby, using all the techniques she acquired over the years to keep your baby as content as possible.

Night Doula Support is available at $79/night for an 8-hour shift.   Shifts are scheduled based on your needs - typically either 10pm to 6am or 11pm to 7am.  Due to birth schedule, please understand that Tamara may have to adjust the schedule with very little to no notice.

Interested to learn more? 

Contact Tamara for more information to set up an appointment.  You can set up an in person meeting or phone conference via email, phone call or text message.