Birth Classes

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Group Classes

Stork Helpers childbirth classes are designed to give you the whole truth about pregnancy and childbirth - its beautiful and messy at all athe same time.

Tamara developed these to highlight the most common questions women want to know about pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum.   

Group classes are designed for six or less couples and average between three and four hours in one sitting for the class.  In home, private classes, are also available.


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Topics Include:

How Your Body Prepares for Labor

Everything is changing!

Your body was literally made to be able to do this and before labor your body will prepare for labor through effacement, dilation, losing your mucus plug and going from braxton hicks contractions to regular contractions.    Tamara will teach you how to listen to your body so you are aware of the changes going on as you prepare for the big day!

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The Four Stages of Labor

Lets get through this, step by step...

Tamara will guide you through the four stages of labor - early labor as your body makes the final prepartions, active labor which is the hardest part of labor and delivery, the third stage which is when you deliver the placenta and the fourth stage which is recovery.

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Create Your Birth Preferences

You CAN write YOUR Story....

Tamara will discuss with you all the options you have birth, whether you want a homebirth or hospital birth; maybe a water birth is for you; natural or medicated; and all the options you have for your baby including delayed cord clamping, shots and more.

birth plan

Learn Relaxation Techniques in Labor

Relaxation in Birth is KEY!

Tamara will practice various relaxation techniques so you can create the environment you want to deliver in.  Stress can prolong labor and lead to interventions that you may not want.  Learn how to stay relaxed and be confident in your strengh that you can do this!

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Pain Management - Natural and Medicated!

Drugs or no Drugs?

Tamara will walk you through the differences between natural childbirth and a medicated birth.  Both methods have advantages depending on what you want for your birth story.   Learn the about natural childbirth and what it means as well as medicated birth, the types of drugs used and your limited mobility if choose and epidural.

woman in labor

Laboring positions (there is more than one!)

The choice is YOURS!

There is more than one position for birth and the standard hospital bed method is not the most advantageous for you or for your baby.  Tamara will teach you about different positions that you can do from laying down, being on your hands and knees, standing, kneeling, sitting and more.   Tamara will also go over the tools you literally have available to help you with some positions including the toilet, a birthing ball, chairs and the pillows on your bed. 

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Delivery Methods (there is also more than one!)

Waterbirth anyone?

Tamara will teach you about the various ways you can give birth - whether it is at home (not as crazy as it sounds too some), in the water (this can be very relaxing for many Mama's) or in your hospital bed.    There isn't a right method, its your birth and Tamara's goal is to make sure you know your options so you can find the option that is right for you!


Newborn hospital care

Your first choices as parents...

After baby is born, the hospital will be your home for the next few days.  Tamara will review what your experience will be like in the hospital as well as all the options you have for your baby and items that you will want to plan out ahead of time cause once you are there, you are going to be overwhelmed to make some decisions on the spot. 

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Breast/bottle feeding

Breast or bottle?   Do whats right for YOU!

Tamara will review the benefits of both breast and bottle feeding with you; the choice is yours!  Tamara will deliver an unbiased opinion as she has actually done both; from bottle feeding her first three kids, then breast feeding her next two; to then going back to bottle feeding for her twins, Tamara knows the choices you have and both the pleasures and guilt that come with both!

baby breastfeeding

Postpartum life

The beautiful roller coaster begins now!

Postpartum is the part that no one prepares you for as your hormones are flying all over the place; the sleepless nights, the ugly crying, the isolation and the sweetest baby you could every imagine.  Postpartum truly can be an ugly time for many.  While many don't discuss it out of fear of being labeled a "bad mom," Tamara delivers first hand the joys of postpartum, gives you the things to prepare for now to be ready for it and gives you the ugly truth about how bad it is for some, and to use your resources when if its gets bad for you.  You are NOT alone!

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More Information:

What to Bring to Class

  • Two pillows and blanket: this is for your comfort as we will spend times on the floor as we practice various labor and birth positions.
  • A birth partner: some positions require you to have a spotter for safety purposes, so bring someone with if you can.  If you can’t – don’t worry, Tamara will spot you.
  • Snacks: just in case you get hungry. 
birth ball

Class Location

Due to COVID-19, currently all group classes are being conducted via Zoom.  For an in person (with social distancing) class, take a look at the in home class offerings.