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Chilbirth is expensive. Your support doesn't have to be.

Stork Helpers brings experienced and affordable doula care by providing personalized support to families across Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky.  Tamara knows that each pregnancy is filled with unique challenges, and is here to help simplify the process so you can feel confident and supported from the day you find out your pregnant.

Natural birth. Epidural, Cesarean. Bottle Fed. Breastfed. Bed Rest. Singleton. Twins. Premature Labor. Induced Labor. Tamara has experienced all of these first hand.  Since 2018, Tamara has assisted over 70 families take the stress and uncertainty out of birth. 

Stork Helpers currently provides birth doula supportplacenta encapsulation, and childbirth education

By choosing Stork Helpers as your birth journey partner, you will be given peace of mind knowing that Tamara is available for you anytime day or night, 24/7/365.  

StorkHelper Updates

Exercising in Pregnancy

June 7, 2021
pregnant woman hiking

Your pregnancy and birth is unique to your body. Your body is constantly changing while pregnant. That's why you need to make sure your mind and body is ready for these. One way to look at it is by thinking you are an athlete. They train for game

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Inductions and Due Dates

May 24, 2021
doula providing counter pressure during a homebirth

Everyday across the country, women are induced prior to their due dates.  Some are for medical reasons such as gestational diabetes, some are out of convenience.   As inductions across America continue to rise, many find themselves being faced with this decision, sometimes without knowing why.

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Benefits of a Home Birth

May 10, 2021
women holding baby after home birth

I get asked a lot having a big family and being a doula If I had my babies at home. My answer is no, having babies at home never appealed to me. The reality is I never educated myself on birth really let alone home birth. I watched TLC's show A Baby

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