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Doula Empowered Births

Keep calm...or don’t, either way we'll support you! 
Pregnancy to childbirth to postpartum,
We will travel alongside your birth journey -
to remind you that you were made for this moment!

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Cincinnati & Dayton
Birth Team

Childbirth is expensive, but your support doesn’t have to be.  We believe every family deserves support and Stork Helpers was founded to bring experienced, affordable, personalized doula care and support to families.  We know that each pregnancy is filled with unique challenges; our goal is to simplify the process and make you aware of all your options so you can feel confident and supported from the day you find out you're pregnant.

Whether you are having a homebirth or hospital birth, water birth or cesarean, natural birth or a medicated birth, we have personally experienced all of these after being a part of over 150 births as doulas. We currently provide birth doula support, placenta encapsulation and childbirth education to families across Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky. 

As your partners for your childbirth journey, you will be given peace of mind knowing that we are available for you anytime day or night (seriously), 24/7/365.

Take Charge of my Birth

woman holding newborn baby
When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I knew I wanted to bring this baby into the world with little to no interventions possible. I started doing my research and talking to other women who have birthed children unmedicated and I was advised to look into a doula. Cue searching the int...
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- Aimee

newborn baby
I am so thankful to have found Tamara prior to having my first baby. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety about the delivery process in general and specifically delivering in a hospital where I kept hearing stories of women whose concerns were not listened to by doctors or nurses. Tamara really took ...
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- Kristen

woman holding baby after birth
I HIGHLY recommend Tamara from Stork Helpers Birth Doulas! Going into my first pregnancy and birth I had a lot of anxiety. I was researching as much as I could about what makes a good birth team, I kept coming across people who said that doulas made all the difference in having a positive birth expe...
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- Savannah

couple with newborn baby
I had a wonderful birthing experience thanks to Tamara! She is very knowledgeable and passionate as she loves what she does! She also provided extra support during the first few weeks after I delivered. My partner and I decided to hire Tamara as a doula after taking her birthing classes. She helped ...
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- Courtney

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Cincinnati & Dayton's Top Doulas

Meet Tamara and Skylar

We are certified birth doulas, placenta encapsulators and childbirth instructors who have worked with hundreds of families on their birth journeys and want to help empower you in owning your birth story.  In addition to our doula experiences, we bring over twenty-five years of experience in our own motherhood journeys raising 8 kids (including twins) between us.

More About Our Team

couple holding newborn baby

Cincinnati & Dayton
Doula Support

Write Your Birth Story

We provide personalized doula care and support catered around each families individual needs. We want you to know all your options so you can feel confidant in the decisions you make. Whether you planning to deliver in the water at a homebirth or going to the hospital for a natural or medicated birth, we are here to support your choices.

More about Doula Support

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Cincinnati & Dayton
Placenta Encapsulation

Nurturing Postpartum Health

The placenta is an incredible organ that provides a lifeline to your baby for nine months.  Now you can use it as a lifeline for you during postpartum.  Placenta encapsulation can assist Mama during the postpartum period using the natural nutrients coming from the placenta.  Placenta encapsulation can help with several aspects of postpartum including energy, postpartum depression, milk production and more.

Placenta Encapsulation Facts

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