Postpartum Doula

postpartum doula

Parenting is not easy.   Especially in the weeks and months after your family has brought home your new bundle.  Whether you are bringing home baby number one or baby number seven, your "normal" adjusts and the transition period with sleepless nights, constant diaper changes and feedings and a crying baby can be difficult at times. 

Tamara is here to help make the transition easier, because no family should have to do it alone.  After six pregnancies and seven babies, Tamara knows what families really need and aims to provide postpartum support to families for help with life after baby comes home.  

woman with baby

Tamara customizes each postpartum family's services based on what they need. Tamara will coordinate what you think you need during your pregnancy, but knows that this may adjust when the time arrives.   Some items Tamara can help with are: 

  • Emotional support after birth - Tamara has been where you are and understands the importance of support after baby.  Whether you need to vent and need someone listen or just need some company because you are in the house while it feels like all the other adults in the world are doing fun things, Tamara is there for what you need.  
  • Light housekeeping - whether you need someone to swap out a load from the washer to the dryer, clean some dishes, help make a meal or just pick up the house.  Tamara knows the importance of resting after baby is born and that is hard when you are constantly looking at things that need to be done.
  • Running errands - need a ride to your postpartum follow up or baby's well check, need a ride to the grocery store?  Tamara can be your personal Uber for a little while and include some great conversation.
  • Assistance with newborn care - whether you need some assistance with breast or bottle feeding, giving your baby a bath, or even holding your baby so you can take a nap or shower and change out of your three-day old pajamas, Tamara has your back.  
  • Baby soothing techniques - sometimes you need a little assistance figuring out the best ways to soothe your baby, because let's face it, every baby different.  Tamara can help you with different soothing techniques and help you determine what your baby loves.  

Interested to learn more? 

Contact Tamara for more information to set up an appointment.  You can set up an in person meeting or phone conference via email, phone call or text message.