Switching to a Home Birth

Currently, all local hospitals are allowing doulas.  However, many hospitals still have a limit (typically 2) on the number of people that may be in the delivery room   Contact your hospital for the most current information.

Due to the increased restrictions at hospitals caused by COVID-19, many families have been asking about switching to a home birth so they can birth how they want.

As a doula, I attend births both at hospitals and at homes.   My only requirement for a home birth is that it must be attended by a midwife.

Below are the recommendations of homebirth midwives who I would highly recommend if this is something you would like to consider. 

Please note that these midwives are working as fast as they can to try and accommodate many families who are switching at this time, many of whom are switchin at the last minute.  Please be patient with them if you do not hear from them right away.  Thay are making every effort to support as many as possible on top of their pre-existing families.  

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