Mercy Hospital - Fairfield:


  • Main hospital doors are locked. Entry is made through the ER with security onsite for screening.
    One visitor/support person.
  • This visitor is NOT interchangeable for the duration of the stay (including postpartum)(hospital policy is that this person is the second parent, or "person who will wear the second bracelet").
  • The visitor can leave and return through the ER, re-enter may be lengthy with security. If this person leaves symptom free and returns displaying symptoms they will not be permitted re-entry.
  • No siblings.
  • No Photographers unless it is the one visitor that will be there for the duration of the stay.
  • Doulas are NOT exempt from this policy, and are welcome at the bedside of their clients only if they are the one support person.
    (Proof of certification or training, if pre-certified, required upon entry to the hospital).
  • Many hospitals are now reserving the right, based on PPE (personal protective equipment) supplies on a daily basis, that the birth partner may not be allowed in the operating room in case of a cesarean.